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Expert near the Court of Appeal of Orleans

Expert near the Court of Appeal of Orleans - Lexpertissimmo

Guillaume Philippon is Expert in Real Estate Valuations near the Court of Appeal of Orleans since 01st of january 2019 for having taken an oath at the hearing on Thursday, December 20, 2018.


At their initial inscription on a list drawn up by a court of appeal, the experts take an oath, before the Court of Appeal of the place where they live, to fulfill their mission, to make their report and to give their opinion in their honor and conscience.

"Je jure
d’apporter mon concours à la Justice,
d’accomplir ma mission,
de faire mon rapport
et de donner mon avis
en mon honneur
et en ma conscience."

Sciences Po Aix'

Sciences Po Aix' - Lexpertissimmo

Guillaume Philippon obtained the Certificate of Training in Judicial Expertise issued by Sciences Po Aix' in May 2019 after a complete training from January to March and written tests.

European's Cerifications

European's Cerifications - Lexpertissimmo